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What is cashback?

Cashback is part of the reward that we receive for your purchases if they are made after the transition from our site. We share this reward with you. The prices of goods are not overpriced. And this is easy to verify: compare prices by going to the store from another smartphone or computer, or without going from our website.

Cashback is not virtual points, but real money that can be withdrawn to a card, phone and Webmoney and spent at your discretion, without reference to the store.

Dates of accrual and withdrawal of cashback?

Usually, after paying for the order in the online store, the cashback receives the status “Pending” (cashback in processing) and will be displayed in the Personal Account for several minutes (sometimes hours)

You can withdraw cashback 1-40 days after receiving the order from the online store in your hands and when the cashback receives the status of “Confirmed”.

Confirmation of cashback occurs after the transfer of information from the online store about the receipt of goods by the buyer or the completion of the order. We can not affect the speed of confirmation of cashback

What is a browser extension and what is it for?

This is an add-on for your internet browser. With the extension, you will never miss your cashback. As soon as you go to the online store, the plugin will inform you that a refund is available in this store using our service and will help to turn on cashback immediately. We recommend installing a browser extension. This is completely safe and does not affect the performance of the computer, does not collect any data, but acts solely for informational purposes.

What is a referral program?

With this program, you can invite friends, family members and earn extra money from each of their paid purchases. It is profitable, the more friends - the more your income. Please note that all friends you invite will receive a refund in full. Your remuneration will not affect the income of friends.

Where can I withdraw funds? What is the minimum amount and amount of commission?

You can withdraw funds to bank cards, mobile phones, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money. The minimum amount depends on the selected payment method. See details in your account.

What stores can I buy with cashback? What is the store’s interest in paying cashback?

With cashback you can buy in any store or service from our catalog. Today we have more than 1,500 well-known Russian and foreign stores and services.

Each seller is interested in attracting customers. When he places an ad, millions of people see it, but there are not many real buyers among them. People planning to make a purchase come to Cost.RIP, and it’s more profitable for stores to give their advertising money to customers than to pay for billboards and banners.

Why am I not accrued cashback?

Possible reasons why cashback may not count:

1. You went to the store from our site or through our extension, then closed the page and switched to the site for advertising on the Internet - cashback may not be counted in this case. After moving to the online store from our site, try not to close the page or click on banner ads.

2. Some extensions may overwrite affiliate links and assign the entire cashback. In particular, we found such extensions: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, as well as VPN / Proxy / Socks extensions and others. If possible, disable all third-party extensions in the browser from which you make purchases with a cashback.

3. Since the transition to the store through our service, too much time has passed. For example, when shopping on AliExpress, you need to make a purchase within 24 hours, if you haven’t done so, you need to go again through our website or plugin using the "To Shop" button.

4. You went to the online store directly, without our service. cashback in this case will not be counted.

What are the reasons for cashback rejection?

Confirmation and rejection of cashback occurs in the system automatically, based on the data that the online store provides for us upon your order.

Reasons for rejecting a cashback may be a return of the goods, cancellation of the order and violation of the rules that must be observed.

There may also be a violation of the conditions of purchase in a particular store. Recall that the terms of purchase in a particular store can be found on the page of our site in the selected store.